3 Meals a day| 3 Stages Recovery | 23 types of Soups

Concentrated Soup Base Made with Ultra High Pressure Extraction:– This technology holds pressure for 48 hours by the ultra-high pressure, so that the wall of ingredients can be broken, turn from a solid into liquid.– The raw materials of beet root, kelp and black bean natto can be fully utilized, and cut into small soluble polysaccharide molecules, peptides and amino acids.


Stage 1: Metabolism (Day 1 – Day 10)

. This stage aims to revitalize the internal organs of the body, remove negative residual substances within the womb.

. Eliminates water retention in the body.

. Heal scars formed during process of giving birth.

. Strengthen the functions of the internal organs such as kidney, liver and womb.

. Soup base formulated are more subtle and gentle to facilitate absorption of nutrients.

The intention of first stage soup

Regulates physiological functions, promotes metabolism, is light and easy to digest and absorb, contains iron, folic acid, and antioxidant.

Recommended ingredients

Iron supplement: beef, duck/brown sugar, red amaranth, emperor beans

Promote metabolism

Old ginger, chili, glutinous rice water, red dates, red beans, coix seed

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Stage 2: Restoration (Day 11 – Day 20)

. This stage aims to revitalize the internal & external muscle groups of the body.

. Enormous effort used to “push” the baby out, eliminate the aches and pains inherent, ensure smooth discharge of breast milk for baby-feeding.

. Restores the loss of hormones to ensure proper discharge of breast milk, shrink the womb which was expanded during birth.

The intention of second stage soup

At this stage, magnesium (anti-stress, help calcium absorption), calcium, iron.

Recommended ingredients

Calcium supplement: dried small fish, fish soup, cheese, yogurt, soybeanS

Replenish glue

cartilage, sea cucumber, white fungus, black fungus, coral grass

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Stage 3: Nourishment (Day 21st – Day 30t)

. This stage aims to restore, revitalize and nurse the entire body as a whole at an increasing pace.

. Recommend to use ingredients with high levels of collagen, Vitamin E & Vitamin B.

. Vitamins E & B aids to reduce and shrink the womb during birth which may have expanded.

. Increase immunity system and reinforce vital energy. Slows down the process of aging.

The intention of third stage soup

Strengthen body, beauty and beauty with colloid.

Protein supplement

eggs, fish, chicken, pork, beef, beans

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