Zi Jin Body Care Waistband

The inner layer made of 100% pure cotton is clean and comfortable. Non-poisonous and odorless, as well as non-irritative, are only a few of the benefits. The modern and ergonomic style, which includes a flexible supporting stripe, makes it more comfortable to wear. Particularly beneficial for postpartum women.


MaterialOuter Layer / 100% Polyester, Inner Layer / 100% Pure Cotton and Bioactive Materials


Suitable forAnyone. Recommend postnatally and during the period.

LimitationNo limitation on normal use. Let the product stay dry and away from fire.

Recommended Size



When to use:

It is used for 30 days for natural delivery, and it is used on the 5th day after delivery for caesarean section, which takes 40 days. It is useful for changing body form, avoiding internal organ sagging, backaches, and chills.

*Unlimited usage time; remove it before bathing and sleeping.

How to use:

1. The lower edge of the back of the body is parallel to the center of the hip. (Users must lie down completely and remove the pillow before using it after giving birth.)

2. Place the "set portion" on the abdomen or affected area first, and tighten it as required.

3. The "telescopic" portion is divided into two stages. Please replace the lower telescopic belt first, followed by the upper telescopic belt.

How to clean:

1. Wash using neutral washing powder with water below 30 degrees celsius.

2. Please do not use bleach detergent, iron, and drying machine.

3. Let it dry naturally.


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