Ten Medicated Soup Bases

- Mai dou soup - Jin xuan soup - Huai lian soup - Tian jiu soup - Xiang qi soup

- Gan lu soup - Mi gui soup - Yun er soup - Xing er soup - Li guo soup


It is recommended to combine with Glutinous Rice Water and Postpartum Drinks Teas to help the body recover more comprehensively.

It is a very common phenomenon for Postpartum to feel thirsty. It is caused by blood loss and excessive sweating, and the loss of water in the body, and this feeling of thirst cannot be improved by drinking any beverage. In traditional medicine, it is believed to be caused by the loss of body fluids. The most taboo is to blindly think that thirst is caused by heat and eat cold food to reduce heat and quench thirst. You should drink some blood-enriching beverages. The key point is to drink slowly, not in one breath, as this will only allow the body to get a lot of water. But slowly, a small amount of supplementation can be absorbed by the body, the blood is full, and the thirst can be improved.



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