Beneficial Water

“Tasteforlifehk” mixed traditional brewing and fermentation methods with glutinous rice and Yilan's high-mineral spring water. Rice water contains the most rice nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Rice water is ideal as a health drink or as a nutrient-dense water component in cooking. The best part is that it is flavorful and smooth in texture, making it an enjoyable drink.

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Everyone needs 22 kinds of amino acids every day. The main effects of amino acids on the body include:
· Supply nutrition
· Adjust the balance of the human endocrine system
· Enhance immunity
· Maintain cardiovascular function
· Improve liver and kidney function
· Reduce the damage of radiotherapy and chemotherapy
· Promote hormone secretion and protein synthesis

Therefore, "amino acid" is one of the most important basic nutrients for modern people to maintain health.

Beneficial Water is rich in essential amino acids, including isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, valine, and histidine (for children only).

Beneficial Water can help promote metabolism. Adjust physical fitness. Regulate physiological functions. Nourish and strengthen the body. Enhance physical strength. Maintain health. Suitable for nourishment after childbirth or illness.

Due to pregnant women should avoid excessive alcohol consumption to avoid dizziness and palpitations, and it is also not conducive to breastfeeding. Therefore, it can replace alcohol and has the effect of promoting milk secretion.

Suitable for:

. Postnatal Period

. After Postpartum

. Weak body condition

. Recovery Period

Way of eating:

. Drink 1-3 sticks per day for a day after childbirth.

. Directly drink (preferably after warming)

. Use in conjunction with “Tasteforlifehk” Concentrated Soup Base.

. Used in the preparation of desserts and tea substitutes

. Soup, stir-fry, and other traditional cooking

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