DIY Confinement Meal

With 15 years of professional confinement industry experience, "Tasteforlifehk" has developed a series of confinement conditioning catering for a complete 30-day confinement. The Chinese herbal soup base allows the family to choose nutritious ingredients according to the mother’s personal dietary preferences and needs. The taste is more diverse, and it is easy for the mother to take care of the confinement at home.

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Feature of Confinement Meal


Progressive three-stage conditioning

Based on the gradual conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine, we develop and design medicated diet formula Chinese herbal soup base for different conditioning points of "metabolism, restoration, and nourishment" to provide complete conditioning.

The ready-made Traditional Chinese soup base is nutritious and delicious

Specially selected fresh medicinal materials and food materials that have passed the inspection are concentrated after a long time of boiling, which will completely release the nutrients and remove the residues. Three packs a day, one pack per meal, tastes change and meals are fresh.

Simple cooking, save time and effort, nourish delicious

The ready-made soup base can be cooked by adding Glutinous Rice Water and meat... and other ingredients. The nutritious, delicious and hot confinement traditional Chinese soup base can be easily completed in 5-10 minutes.

Exclusive crafted Beneficial Water

“Tasteforlifehk” exclusively researches and develops Beneficial Water, which is made from Japanese national treasures (rice koji), Yilan water and special glutinous rice. It is brewed in accordance with ancient methods and is rich in essential amino acids for the human body and does not contain alcohol. It can be directly consumed or cooked, such as boiling soup, stewing dessert or cooking various delicacies.

High-pressure cooking Beneficial Water

The natural confinement drink is made by high-pressure steaming, concentrated extraction, and no sugar or artificial coloring. Three kinds of drinks a day, supplement the water needed by the parturient confinement, drink directly or after heating with water.

The traditional Chinese soup base is healthy and safe

Our soup base is manufactured by a factory that has obtained ISO22000 and HACCP dual certifications and is commercially sterilized by high temperature and high pressure. The product does not add preservatives and has passed SGS 251 pesticide residue inspection, heavy metal residue inspection, and sulfur dioxide residue inspection, which strictly controls food safety for consumers.


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