Pregnancy Drinks

Low-content and high-nutrient natural supplements during pregnancy.

Premium Red Date Tea

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[Main ingredients]: Water and Red Dates

. Tonic

. Nourish blood and calm the nerves

. Improve insomnia

. Invigorate the spleen and stomach

. Good daily health care products

Red dates (Jujube) are low in calories but high in fiber content. Furthermore, they are rich in vitamins such as Vitamin B1, B2, C, and minerals, boosting Qi and blood circulation.

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Zi Jin Black Bean Water

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Ingredients: Water, Black Bean

. Diminishing swelling

. Promoting metabolism

. Regulating physiological functions

. Invigorating the kidneys

. Anti-aging

. Suitable for daily health drinking

Black beans have a "king of beans" reputation, capable of promoting blood circulation, eliminating swelling, rich in high-quality protein, and help to promote the flow of breast milk.

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