The Story About “Tasteforlifehk”



Since 2005, "Tasteforlifehk" has been a leading brand in Taiwan. To meet the growing demand of modern women pursuing a knowledgeable and reliable maternal conditioning routine, "Tasteforlifehk" has assembled a team of medical professionals, lactation consultants, dietitians, and chefs to provide consumers with the latest products and services.

Our professional team has reinvented conventional "Confinement Meal" and "Maternity Supplies" to suit the model lifestyle of mothers and their newborns in Hong Kong.




Rigorous and Professional Process

The professional central kitchen of “Tasteforlifehk” is certified by ISO 22000 food safety control system and HACCP regulatory food factory manufacturing standards. Strict standard monitoring is implemented in every link from order receipt to shipment to ensure the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.


Traditional Health Treatment

We uphold the concept of combining traditional Chinese medicine with food and use modern nutrition as an indicator to develop various health-preserving dietary products. Finally, we hope to regulate health and enhance resistance through diet therapy.


Stay with Postpartum Women

Due to the need of returning to workplace immediately after the as soon as the maternity leave ends. “Tasteforlifehk” put out effort on fulfilling the needs of postpartum women for confinement care, breastfeeding and rapid recovery of body shape in just few days.




Customer First

From meal research, food purchases, cooking operations, and product packaging, our team monitors each procedure in all time, without third party in the whole process to ensure the safety of customers, also prioritize the safety and health of customers.



The central kitchen has passed the certifications of ISO 22000 and HACCP, at the same time, which achieved the best A-level performance for three consecutive years. Moreover, our cookery team have received professional training and obtained Chinese and Western food chef licenses.



We set up an in-house independent testing laboratory, using enzyme immunoassay reagents and quick screening reagents to sample each batch of incoming ingredients to prevent biological hazards (such as Bacteria, bacterial counts, etc.), also chemical hazards are quickly screened. The strict food safety testing is most important guarantee for consumer and to fulfill our promise.