Breast Massage Comb

The Breast Massage Comb helps to improve the fluency of the mammary gland. This Breast Massage Comb is developed and authenticated by clinical tests, whereby 13 massage granules were specially designed according to the mammary gland location based on human anatomy. Moving the Breast Massage Comb from the bottom part of the breast to the areola can concentrate the milk to the front to make breastfeeding easier.



. Please wash your hands before using.

. Before and after use, please use a general lotion (such as soap) to clean the nipple stick; stop washing it in hot water at high temperatures.

. Avoid crashes and dropping sticks to avoid interfering with the use of features.

. It is advised to discontinue use if there is a wound on the breast tissue.

. It should not be used by milk returners.

. Contraindicated during pregnancy.

When to use:

It is recommended to start using it at 38 weeks of pregnancy or after delivery. Before each breastfeeding after giving birth, before pumping or milking, use the force of combing the hair in a clockwise direction, and massage the breasts to help clear the mammary glands.


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