Herbal Bath Package

This special bath package can be used in cold weather, postpartum confinement, and during the menstrual cycle. Made with all-natural Chinese herbs.


Ingredients: Nepeta, Argy Wormwood Leaf, and other traditional herbs
Detail: 5 packs for each pack (weight 50g±5g)


Bathing or hot compress:

1. Fill the bathtub with about 2000ml of hot water (at a temperature that is normally acceptable), then place the shower bag in and soak for about 5 minutes the first time.

2. Wait a few minutes before the water turns light brown before removing the shower bag and applying a bath or hot compress.

3. After cooling off, then taken-out shower bag, store it in the refrigerator and can be reused.

4. Each pack can be used 2-3 times, each time consuming approximately 2000ml of water.


Place 1 shower bag in the bathtub (use the normal appropriate bathing hot water temperature) and bathe in around 10 minutes.


Since the childbirth has just ended, if the wound has not healed and the body is fatigued, it may be temporarily replaced by a bath (stretching) in the hospital. To achieve the effect of dispelling cold, use the water soaked in the herb bag to wipe the bath and clean the skin. To avoid catching a cold, it is always important to pay attention to the temperature during the bathing process.


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